Thermal Paper Rolls

Rotoli in Carta Termica

Our company produces koelher thermal paper rolls, European leader in the production of thermal paper, for Cash Registers – Pos – Scales – Faxes – Bet centers – Eliminator – Parking meters – Vending machines – Blu4est and are available in weights 48, 55 and 80 .


In line with the provisions of EU regulation 2016/2235, the rolls are made with BPA FREE thermal paper, i.e. without bisphenol A, and have a 10 year warranty. These products are put on the market under the “Quality Rolls” brand.

The careful research of raw materials and the continuous investment in new production lines, such as the new robotized machine of Fumagalli mechanics, used for the production of cash and pos rolls, allow us to respond promptly to any request from customers.


These products can be customized ensuring maximum visual impact and an effective means of communication and advertising.

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